Hold a year today hand chop party last only for HUAWE Jingdong 618

in recent years, the online shopping trend continues to prevail, the domestic major electricity supplier platform promotion Festival, promotional season endless, but in which to elect the hottest season, Jingdong is undoubtedly the 618 year to promote.

is the year heatstroke hot season, buy several favorite products, the student party wants a happy summer vacation, commuters to the new office and entertainment equipment, you want the digital equipment and technology tide products, Jingdong 618 HUAWEI brand special, you can find all.


as a model of technology enterprise, the consumer side of the mobile phone and watch bracelet, always bring new Everfount surprises, and this year the biggest surprise from May has just released the first combo notebook computer HUAWEI MateBook. As HUAWEI to enter the PC industry’s flagship product, HUAWEI MateBook inherited the basic configuration on the performance of the traditional notebook, do a great extension in appearance and office productivity, become the market fully deserve the dark horse this year in. In the dark horse of the capital, a strong agitation of the PC market, and brought a fresh air to the low-spirited PC market in recent years.

Why did

say HUAWEI MateBook is a dark horse?


full metal body, with metal texture and hardness at the same time, to create a new ultra-thin height; 6.9mm slim, 640g light body, all convenient, arbitrary; 12 inch wide color gamut screen with 160° ultra wide angle, the maximum can reach 400 nits brightness screen anytime can clearly display the performance; simple and crude, the configuration directly using Intel six generation core M3, M5, M7 processor is optional, memory is divided into 4GB, 8GB two versions, the storage space is divided into 128GB, 256GB, 512GB three grades; equipped with 33.7Wh high density lithium battery protection, super endurance and intimate adds a splash design, no sudden water worry for keyboard.


On the occasion of

Jingdong 618 promotion on the occasion, HUAWEI brand provides a series of preferential benefits to consumers, including four aspects: "are not afraid to fall", "good work", "enjoy the fun", "bean for you", just from now until 21 days before 00:00 HUAWEI MateBook customers purchase orders you have the opportunity to enjoy these benefits:

is not afraid to fall: where to buy HUAWEI MateBook customers can get 3 months of broken screen insurance protection (broken screen insurance for the virtual gift spell, the order is completed to take effect, so far);

good office: where to buy HUAWEI MateBook customers, you can get the benefit of high-end handwritten notebook a Book (so far)

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