22 year old college students fundraising site a dream to buy


network to take Crowdsourcing mode "to carry out charitable fundraising, attracted widespread attention in the field of public

dream "group purchase", can you believe that? Whether you want to travel to the orphanage, volunteer for school construction, take public micro film to open a cafe or the public, as long as it is about public dream, you can turn to a public fundraising website "dream net" issued by the application. A network platform to raise funds for their dreams.

This "

Crowdsourcing" type of way, has received wide attention in the public domain. One person has a dream, everyone support, help mobilize social resources, solve social problems. However, as a new thing, this model is faced with three challenges: legitimacy, credibility and public participation.

22 year old college students to create the dream booster

became the dream network founder and CEO, Du Mengjie was 22 years old, is Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications senior student. Prior to this, Du Mengjie itself is raised through the network, to achieve their own gap (interval year) dream.


junior, Du Mengjie felt very confused about the future, so I’ll just leave, to find their own future direction gap year trip. Through the network channels, Du Mengjie raised more than 6 yuan, for a leave of absence, and then go abroad to start their own "gap year" tour.

India, Nepal, Bahrain, Dubai, afghanistan…… On a journey around the world, Du Mengjie thought about what his dream was. After staying in Afghanistan for more than 5 months, he decided to advance the end of the interval to return home entrepreneurship. In September 20, 2011, the dream was born.

"dream booster, this is the dream network set up in the first place, is also the target of." Du Mengjie told reporters, as long as some people are determined to go to realize their dreams, whether you want to travel to the orphanage volunteer, school construction, shooting public micro film to open a cafe or public, can apply for the release fundraising project in dream online.

, "there are so many people doing such a beautiful dream," said Du Mengjie, which surprised him and moved him. So far, the network has hundreds of projects, including 53 projects through the application of officially launched fundraising, 32 projects have been successful fundraising, fundraising 5 fundraising projects fail, the rest is still in progress.

a dream, everyone buy

in the dream online, behind every dream of the pool with a large number of donor support force. Compared with the collective efforts, the individual’s strength is weak, and this is similar to the "group purchase dream" fund-raising mode, will a few people dream "Crowdsourcing" to a large number of donors to make dreams become reality easier.

"I would like to take the art education of disabled children in Anxiang special education school as a pilot

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