Four trends of e-commerce the combination of digital and reality

from the earliest barter to today’s commodity trading via the Internet, and then delivered to your hands, we go for a few million years. Today, we know how to do e-commerce is the introduction of traffic, improve the conversion rate, quality service. In addition, electronic commerce has only more than and 10 years of history, which means that there is still an infinite possibility, every technological innovation will bring great changes in people’s way of life. What is the trend of e-commerce in the future? What is your profit today, and how will it come tomorrow?

to answer the above questions, we might as well take a look at the other side of the ocean in the United States, Silicon Valley, e-commerce giant eBay doing. EBay is currently the world’s largest C2C e-commerce trading platform, eBay’s Paypal payment also has a difficult position in the field of global online payment. EBay in recent years to spend billions of dollars to buy a lot of e-commerce related businesses, the most important of which are GSI, Magento. EBay traditional C2C business slowdown in recent years, more and more users are more willing to purchase goods directly from the fast and convenient online B2C store. GSI enables eBay to provide e-commerce solutions for big companies and big brands. Magento is for eBay to provide a full range of e-commerce platform from small (even individuals) to large enterprises.

then the acquisition of these companies, only to increase the market share? How will the advantage and eBay integration of these enterprises together, play a huge energy, become the new eBay business engine? EBay


answer eBay announced in the first few months. EBay launched the X.commerce platform.

X.Commerce platform

X.commerce reports that he is before the domestic eBay imitation of the Apple app store, allowing developers to develop on the X.commerce platform, then submit applications, e-commerce enterprises to purchase these developers of the program, to form a benign development of ecological environment. Domestic Taobao also has a similar app store, based on Taobao users, open platform for the development and application of the data, submitted to Taobao users to pay for the use of.

carefully read the product introduction in the X.commerce website you will find that the app store is only a tiny part of X.commerce. X.commerce is the core of a cloud service platform. The concept of cloud has almost been fried rotten, I met people are embarrassed to say that this thing, people will think that I am special. At present, the domestic enterprise cloud application is mainly in the level of operating system virtualization, cloud computing resources. This is mainly because there are more internal server resources, management and maintenance is very troublesome, with the cloud can improve the utilization of hardware resources, reduce energy consumption, but also easy to manage and maintain. Internet service

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