To open the money to join the recommended skills to recruit classes

is now in the social life, in the education market, there are a lot of education classes, at the same time, some education classes in great demand, because every number during the holidays, parents will be reported to some education classes for children.


?The first is the management of

is the second shop decoration

open class stores a large hotel decoration although not so complicated, but some small details still have to pay attention to, 100 flat within the decoration in a simple, elegant, bright, from the following aspects:

A, open class store decoration floor brick to use non slip

floor in the water after the support often appear in the case of wet cleaning, if sometimes not just ahead of time, students or parents come in, prone to slipping guest accident, the accident occurred as long as one time and is more difficult, you for a few months hard earned money will pay for medical expenses, if you just is an older parent your store is not lost, so it must pay attention to the details.

two, open classes to join

shop interior wall

before such as wallpaper decoration, most classes are white or white in some dado, and not easy to dirty cleaning, long wall health will greatly influence the students or parents to consult the learning mood. Can the wall wallpaper, but the color choice not only look bright and clean, not easy dirty, you can feel the decoration, decoration with the concave convex personality education as a reference, the floor brick color looks bright colors at any time.

finally opened step

1, the opening of the pre market

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