Scrape together a single area so that the business booming shop


encounters a few cents change, customers do not want, the owner also feel inconvenient, but if you do not change, if things go on like this, will certainly be subject to customer complaints, it will have a very negative effect for the development of the business of the shop. In this case, the owners how to solve it? In the daily operation, often encounter some fraction of the customers do not check out.

for example, there was a young man at the store. He bought a pack of cigarettes and some fruit. I receivables 29.6 yuan, he gave me three bills of 10 yuan, I hastened to bow to him in the coin box change. The young man picked up the fruit and said, "forget it. Don’t look for it." Although customers clearly say don’t change, but I do business for many years to develop a habit, never a penny cheaper for customers. "That’s OK, 40 Fen is money, how can I ask you for money?!" I say.

"I really don’t have to. I’m in a hurry." The young man said to go up. I quickly said: "well, I’ll give you a lollipop as change it, I wish you the next day sweet honey!" So, I quickly took a lollipop from the counter, plug into their hands. The young man did not decline, holding a lollipop out from his face, the young man was very pleased with my lollipop change approach.

since then, again say "don’t change" the customer, I have been treated by. For a long time, I would like to, why not open a special next to the cashier in the "single"? Minato single "put on some chewing gum, lollipops, lighters, Keychains, cartoon pen, balloons and other small commodities, when customers need to change, let customers want in Minato single" take love as the commodity, the need to change to.

said to do, since I tried in the shop after the single area, welcomed by many customers and recognition. Although, most of the time the customer value of small commodities more than I should find the store to the customer’s change, but I saw the customer with a smile to accept the appearance, I think it is worth doing. Moreover, since I shop to increase the single area, to the store shopping customers increased significantly, the business is much better than before.

believes that many shopkeepers have encountered this problem should change, but did not have a good solution. So, with a small series of the above introduced after the method, if you are a store operator, now you know how to solve it? Is it possible to set up a single area?

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