Zhenjiang New District as the two venture to create a new momentum of special funds to attract talen

innovation and entrepreneurship requires new momentum, Zhenjiang New District has been in the two venture innovation new momentum, in 2016 or entrepreneurial year, there are entrepreneurial needs to act immediately!

"opinion" clearly, the leading talent introduction of new key industries (team), backbone talents (team) and base personnel (team), will be given 200 thousand yuan -50 million yuan of funds to support the project start and purchase to give 30 thousand yuan -12 million yuan to subsidize the purchase and rental subsidies preferential in the area within the scope of.

to achieve annual sales income of 10 million yuan, discount loans does not exceed 10 million yuan; participate in the national product exhibition, to 50%, the maximum not more than 100 thousand yuan of the booth fee subsidies; for the high-tech enterprises for the first time that, given 100 thousand yuan reward.

"opinions" to encourage the creation of innovation, and give some subsidies to the patent application and authorization; encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, reward fund according to the situation.

to raise funds reached 100 million yuan or the fund management company, the new district will provide free 100 square meters of office space, a period of 3 years; the fund will encourage new investment enterprises outside the recommended

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