Foot store manager role know where you are

is the national health activities, a lot of people are in such a thing, also let a lot of people who want to start a business to engage in such business, how to open a foot store? In addition to the site to do a good job, decoration, purchase and service, but also to recruit excellent staff. Among them, the most important thing is to find a good manager. Personally think that the important role of the manager in a store no trivial matter, mainly in:

1, buffer, each store if investors to directly face the employees, direct management, there will be "fairness", this fair judge convicted of crimes like friends, he always has a shield, investor, in this purpose, some decisions will have deviation, the emergence of the buffer manager. The manager stands in the position of the operation, a clear look at the operation and staff problems.

2, decision: many investors are not involved in the management, then all the daily operation and management of the manager by the host, as a storefront guide, ability and judgment will be a stroke above.

3, when. I went to a store with three managers. Each have their own ideas, each have their own opinions, the ability of these three managers are competent, but it is divided into three groups, the views will never be twisted in one direction. After four months of operation of the store, the items are not clear, the staff scattered, the job is unknown and other management issues, the stronger the ability of these three managers, the greater the damage caused by the store.

is certainly need to lead the team of people in a team, not to mention the foot store, is the need for leadership, I hope you know how to be a good leader, no matter what you do, must have a leader, and foot store business is to play a leading role in the. So, in the store manager to properly arrange, as the saying goes: "the train run fast, all by the front, but not a number of front!"

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