Analysis of the status quo of those veteran nternet Co

development of the Internet industry is change rapidly, once the fame of the Internet Co may have ceased to exist, may be heady, Internet Co can actually continue to survive, but also the mode of operation of the company to keep up with the times the pace of development.

for the domestic Internet companies, ten years can change a lot, can change people’s surfing habits, can change people’s needs of the Internet, ten years can even let mainstream users have changed a generation, ten years is a period. From 2005 to 2015, some old Internet companies fall into the curse of ten years, declining, declining. But there is also some old but not aging of the enterprise, or accumulate steadily after or steady, more powerful with a thousand li a day.

Those who have been

Speaking from Sina or


once as "four doors" boss, Sina earnings alone compared with Tencent, NetEase, its already even than with a "lonely" Sohu.

back to a few years ago, Sina and Tencent, NetEase, Sohu and the four major portals, Wal Mart established its once powerful Internet giant, status. Then, in the eyes of Chinese people, Sina has three other unparalleled status, often because of their flat matchmaker manuscript was Sina Finance page recommendation and excitement, and corporate PR people if unfortunately make their businesses negative to the Sina home page, the consequences will be unimaginable. Sina weight can be imagined. In this light, Sina, and even a general editor, who often more or less with a playfully gas. This gas even now Sina playfully to gradually decline when.

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