How to run an optical shop

is now almost every investor knows business glasses business can make money, however, the number of glasses shop is also very large, if not grasp the relevant business skills, want to rely on glasses shop to make money will naturally very difficult. So, how to run an optical shop?

at present, the distribution of small and medium sized optical shops throughout the country a lot, far more than the various types of chain glasses shop. But they are very fragmented, unable to occupy the dominant position of the retail market as large chain stores. Moreover, from the development trend of the market in recent years, a lot of non-standard small glasses store market share has shrunk dramatically, the size of large glasses chain is growing, the market share is also increasing. Although there are some small glasses shop business is pretty good, but on the whole, can be said to have been forced to return, adjustments must be made when the.

how to run an optical shop? You can try to shop in the local glasses will be combined to form a union shop or a chain store, to their own advantages combined, can not only solve the problem of the market, but also can solve the problem of existence, will reduce the cost to expand the profit limit. And can also expand the development of foreign countries to form a chain store model. Of course, for the product, glasses can be said to be profiteering industry. High profits, the risk is relatively low, only for small operators and market share is very small. Combined with their own advantages, to maximize the advantages, then you can better operate and expand the

how to run an optical shop? For many in the town and suburban small glasses shop, take specific project management features approach is not realistic, because the rural and suburban Customers Group Co., all glasses shop must take into account all of the customers. Therefore, the town and the outskirts of the Department of small glasses shop must start from the service to shape their own characteristics, that is, to take the road of service characteristics.

service is a very broad concept, for small optical shops, apparently unable to provide a full range of services. Therefore, to circumvent the large glasses shop and the following competition, the introduction of a number of unique service projects, the use of curve salvation is a viable way of thinking.

For example,

, a Shanghai shop to seize the big stores and customer communication is not in place of weakness, run by Sharon forms to attract potential customers. A hotel in the glasses salon at Shanghai’s East Nanjing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, Shanghai is the first to form a salon shop, its operating characteristic is staff to give every customer glasses almost always require more than one hour, including the communication with customers.

how to run an optical shop? In a comfortable atmosphere, it is easy for customers to relax themselves, glasses shop staff in the process of contact with customers to understand the customer’s occupation (income), >

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