Failed to find a suitable business model and the collapse of the company case

One of the important factors of

business model is the business development of the company, the development of enterprises did not find the right business model, the development of the latter that will be into a dead end, entrepreneurs to quickly learn about the lesson of blood!

business model

these companies either did not find a suitable profit mode; either in the absence of scale before the early start charging, while ignoring the nature of the business it needs to rely on a certain scale of the number of users. Business model is a very real problem, before considering making money, you need to be very understanding of the product to the user, to understand their needs, in order to design their profit model to sell their consumption. This mode can continue to become your company’s business model, or a reduction of spending cuts are of no use.




4.Treehouse  Logic

5.Rivet&   Sway

occupied the area of the market: Seattle, New York, West Coast

mode as soon as possible to take new

until completely necessary to expand the scale (we outsource too fast) focus on public relations more sleep 6.Tutorspree although we have a lot of results, but we still can’t make a scalable business model. Tutorspree did not expand, because we rely on the development of a single channel, and this channel has undergone a fundamental change.


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