s it true that the owner is wrong

is to allow customers to enjoy a better service, but also to allow the store has more repeat customers, and now many of the owners in the daily operation of the process will be holding a kind heart". However, it can not be any one of the consumers are able to appreciate the owner of the kind of Oh, for example, the following things. So, the good owner really wrong?

I am a retail shop owner, the store installed a typing Photocopying equipment. Today such a print customer reception process, customer requirements to print a copy of the agreement, the original agreement behind the numbers were not expressed, I feel very wrong, then seek the views of customers is not a unit of what, so whom anyone understand what is the meaning of 0.23 is the customer said, the thickness of the ten thousand, three is money who will understand.

Khan, in order to do a perfect point, I was repeatedly asked to breath and customer numbers behind units are added, the next person looked impatient, you said the boss is really, you do what you have the money you can, why are? Is it really wrong for me to consult a doctor?

The main symptom of

is that the people’s service is trying to be perfect. It is wrong to make God unhappy.

The main

prescription imitate police Yan Dafa to send equipment to which visitors upset silly giggle happy oh

make guest bother superfluous


was stuck in

gas will have a grievance

things down xiaokaiyan

this phenomenon, I believe we can meet most business shop, and will often encounter, you may not copy shop of this project, but the problems we will encounter, is also the first customer service when the shopkeeper Rory winded out, caused by other customers dissatisfied with the phenomenon. If let me, the problem seems to be related to the operation, in fact, and the habit of doing things. If the problem is divided into business.

Analysis on

from different angles, we naturally understand, why good may not be good, why not get good understanding of why good for myself. To solve this problem, to find the error in which ideas, follow the paradise first come to my blog to the teacher, is not followed the temper of the customer, the only station to temper the customer perspective, to see the error in which to find time to encounter this kind of business the details of how to do the best.

First of all, we come to restore the

, scene reproduction. If you are the angry customer, you come to this store

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