Liaoning women’s Federation multiple initiatives to help women in the nternet business

in the whole social entrepreneurship, to bold some different entrepreneurial elements combined with the integration of some new way of business, in Liaoning city of Donggang province will be the women’s entrepreneurship and Internet business combination.

Shimen into the village before the town Liaoning city of Donggang Province, everywhere can smell the fresh fruit every year, August and September is when the small village was busy, more than 300 women management in Hokkaido and Jin Cuixiang pear have matured, each fruit has made great achievements, make people look happy. The harvest season should make people happy, but for the village women, looking at the garden trees can only fool in a daze.

"in our village, most men are working outside, orchard management falls in the family women, to August and September on the market, which brings great pressure to our village women." The villagers have loyalty Hui told reporters that.

Just looking at the

women full of fruit orchards have to worry about, Zhonghui participated in the e-commerce training courses organized by the Municipal Women’s Federation, gradually recognized this kind of new business model in the training class, to experience the benefits of the Internet and e-commerce, then opened up by the Internet thinking, leisure the agricultural mode of inspiration, think of ways to adopt fruit trees.

in order to solve the situation of lack of knowledge of women’s business, Liaoning Province Women’s Federation held in Liaoning Province Women Entrepreneurs e-commerce demonstration training, organization of more than 100 women manual recommended

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