Peking Hotel appear micro-blog V away and Loris Loris missing

28 evening, there are users appear in micro-blog broke the loris Peking Hotel, then there are two people claiming to be micro-blog "big V" to take loris, two people currently in the missing state.

the hotel room to hide a monkey

whereabouts a mystery

12 on the evening of 28 August 11, Beijing Chaoyang District shadow Dak Hotel, found a guest, hiding in the corner of the room with a slow loris. The little boy was hurt in his ear and shrank into a panic. This "big adorable" come from? It usually lives in Yunnan, how it will suddenly appear in the city of Beijing in the hotel?

29 on the morning of the hotel, responsible person, three come from, they also don’t know. Last night, the guests will find Loris this incident to the micro-blog. Soon, the two men claiming to be a famous micro-blog blogger who will take the slow loris. The Loris animal protection at the national level, the hotel ready alarm.



then made a guest of micro-blog, and the "@" "Beijing people do not know the Beijing thing", soon, two men and a woman claiming to be the micro-blog blogger who arrived at the hotel, ready to take the slow loris.

"now developments like this, recommended

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