Hebei one to help promote entrepreneurship

now some college students entrepreneurial activity has attracted more and more attention in the whole society, at the same time, also emerged a lot of student entrepreneurs, the community also tried every way and to promote and promote the university students’ innovative undertaking activities.

this year to ensure that the employment rate of college graduates is not lower than last year’s level of

strengthen aid. The further implementation of unemployed graduates employment promotion plan, students start to lead the program and employment training plan, grasp the real name system of dynamic management, provide employment guidance and occupation, skills training, business training and other services for graduates. The innovation of college graduates employment service, take online service measures, employment formalities, post docking, policy of employment assistance, enjoy the whole network and convenient, so that college graduates have employment aspirations to achieve employment as soon as possible, to ensure that this year’s college graduates employment rate is not lower than last year’s level.

will have difficulty finding employment policies to support employment and entrepreneurship into the range of

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