Freight version of the development of money King King

drops taxi software brings a lot of convenience for people’s travel, and now go out to get a taxi becomes more simple, but I believe many people have not seen the truck version of the drops, which also contains unlimited business opportunities.

"you do information, if the randomness is not high enough, it is a pseudo demand, is basically a hard push market." Truck co founder, CTO Tang Tianguang said. In addition, for the owners, the platform not only do not give subsidies, after the completion of the order, he also paid a certain service fee to the platform, and the platform for the supply side is free. Truck to help hope the layout of a national highway logistics information network, open up the last mile of traditional logistics. Our ultimate goal is to do a public transport capacity of the car pool, logistics itself, we do not touch."

"the Chinese total social logistics costs accounted for 18% of GDP, while in developed countries, such as Europe and the United States, only 6%~8%, thus, the domestic logistics industry is extremely inefficient." Tang Tianguang said, an important mission is to help the truck, through the Internet, open up between the empty and sources of information barrier, reduce the rate of empty wagons, providing transportation support for the supply side.

2008, Dai, Tang met in Beijing, after boziwan jointly set up a company, started to do logistics O2O, followed by nearly 2 years of dormant period.

"3G is only in 2009 issued the first license, intelligent mobile phone penetration in 2012 after the matter, this means that we do not have a mature industrial environment." According to Tang Tianjian

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