4 years of part-time teachers successful when hundreds of millions worth CEO

a lot of people feel that the teacher is a stable career, and entrepreneurship without any intersection. Now Xiaobian to tell you a true story of a successful teacher.

20 years ago, he graduated from Zhongshan University law school, after graduation successfully assigned to his hometown of Hunan. Became an ordinary teacher in his hometown.

21 years later, Tan Xiaoao served as group president of just 4 years venture, the Zhuzhou local private enterprises total assets from less than 5 hundred million to more than 3 billion yuan, and has selected the top 10 private enterprises in Hunan, Hunan top 100 industrial enterprises, China 500 private enterprises, business expansion to the national territory from Hunan even overseas.

for "entrepreneur" identity, Tan Xiaoao only hit 60 points for myself. He frankly

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