College students to have what hardware

now many college students venture completely is a trend that is not willing to endure hardship or their psychological mischief and abruptly went on the road to entrepreneurship, however, want to get the entrepreneurial success is facing an intolerable risk. In fact, if you want to get the success of college students, but also need to have the relevant hardware. So, college students to have what hardware?

hardware one: Entrepreneurship knowledge reserves

have empty talk is very easy to fall into the errors in students. Because they stay on campus for a long time, lack of understanding of the community, especially in the market development, business operations experience is quite scarce. Therefore, college students should be well prepared before, on the one hand, by the practice of working in enterprises or to accumulate relevant management and marketing experience; on the other hand, rely on entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship knowledge accumulation, receive professional guidance, to improve their own charge, venture into power.

hardware two: preparation of funds

one can’t make bricks without straw. Nearly half of the students think that "money is the entrepreneurial stumbling block". No money, no matter how good the creativity is difficult to translate into real productivity. Before you get the money, you have to understand how much money you need, how to get the money, the source of funds.

entrepreneurs must have a certain business concept, is the choice of debt as a source of funds or equity as a source of funds, what you choose to give your investors early for security, these basic problems will determine the success of entrepreneurship. College students to develop ideas, multi-channel financing, in addition to bank loans, self financing, private lending and other traditional channels, but also make full use of venture capital, venture capital and other financing channels.

hardware three: technology and interest

with intellectual capital, which is a unique feature of college students entrepreneurship. Some venture capitalists often because of fancy college students master the advanced technology, and is willing to subsidize their business plan. Therefore, students who intend to start their own business in the field of high technology, we must pay attention to technological innovation, the development of independent intellectual property rights products to attract investors in the hands of funds.

hardware four: personal ability

entrepreneurship is a simple process, such as the beginning of the lack of judgment on the market, it should start from the simple market, thus accumulating experience. College students in the technical excellence, financial management, marketing, communication, management capabilities are generally inadequate, not familiar with the operation of the rules of the game". In order to succeed in business, entrepreneurs in addition to a strong executive ability (perseverance, can adhere to), but also have the basic business skills.


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