How good the home market prospects

there will be a house decoration, in the huge market opportunities, home business is also a major guarantee for your success to get rich. A wide range of market opportunities to help you achieve a better future, you want to venture to seize this opportunity.

how to building coating agent which is good comparison? When it comes to interior wall paint brand, perhaps impresses everyone basically from foreign countries, such as Japan’s Nippon, Dulux of Holland. This kind of coating in the market popular, but also by the dealer and consumer favorite, but in the exterior wall coating, we may know less. China’s market demand for energy efficiency of exterior wall coatings reached 600 thousand tons, which does not include the transformation of existing energy-efficient buildings of 45 billion square meters.

nationwide, 44 billion square meters of construction, to the construction of energy-efficient design standards of less than 500 million square meters, even if only 15% of new residential energy efficiency standards, preliminary statistics the exterior insulation market capacity has more than one hundred billion yuan. To meet the national energy saving standards of the brand will carve up the market share of 600 thousand tons.


to 2011, assessment of Cezanne exterior architectural reflective thermal insulation coatings have been through the Jiangsu Province Department of housing and urban rural construction technology development center, a group of experts investigation, made Jiangsu province construction projects to promote scientific and technological achievements certificate.

in the existing market more than 99% manufacturers and products have been halted because of environmental protection and energy saving performance of the unqualified situation! Cezanne is left to the government, real estate developers wall reconstruction of the few products can be used! Cezanne paint especially for some people with real estate developers, the government portal resources for investors, to join the project Cezanne is tailor-made for you according to preliminary statistics of the external wall insulation market capacity has more than 100 billion yuan, is expected to market demand in 2012 will exceed 600 thousand tons, Cezanne paint has not contained 45 billion square meters of existing building energy-saving renovation project. A piece of paper may be a good news for the people, but for investors is a cash check, the number of the above you say! Such a good opportunity, do not miss!

investment there is a certain risk, Home Furnishing Unlimited Business Opportunities business market, to help more entrepreneurs to successfully create a better future.

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