Li Hege brand introduced cattle soup

is Chinese hele surface of a sales very hot food items, of course in the catering market the brand is hele much beyond count every hele surface, brands have their own characteristics. If you want to join the election what brand is better? Xiaobian to recommend you Li Jiniu soup Hege brand.

In November

2015, former executive chef at the Li Jianhui hotel complex is also going to the shop business on the road, his hundred years Li Hege cattle soup Museum is located in Shijiazhuang Jianhua street and Harvest Road intersection, opened in two months that reputation may even lead to the specialized franchise brokerage company. This small house to roast beef bones, beef soup Hege primarily, in the absence of any publicity and promotion cases, depending on the product and taste attracted more and more customers, at noon to 12 all night is filled, the end of the line and the most prosperous time, 18 tables every day the reception of 108 guests on the table, the average of over Taiwan six, a chef shop industry myth. Li Jianhui said: "don’t look so hot now, but just then the shop opened, I have experienced many sleepless nights, now popular is a step by step through it."

Li Jiniu Hege brand:


When the dog encounters gold store

for Li Jianhui, the direction of transformation is not his long-awaited shop, because once bitten twice shy of ten years, he had a deficit in 1996, he had to resign shop, lost 130 thousand, and the money at the time to buy three big houses. From then on, he stomped swear: never do a dream! 2015 autumn and winter, when the lady Taste Restaurant General Manager Li Jianhui morning when out walking the dog, see a shop is for sale. Although here is located in the fringe, but the opposite is the side next to the Shijiazhuang Automobile Trade City, Ding Jian market, behind it is a large community, but also close to the intersection, this is a gold position: Automobile Trade City, Ding Jian market not only has a large number of owners, employees, have come to buy a car, shopping Everfount of the floating population, behind the district is home to tens of thousands of residents, they were eating "just to be". See these resources, Li Jianhui dormant in the heart, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm was aroused again. He settled home dog, came to find the boss, the transfer fee to 30 thousand yuan with the store, and quit her job. "Shortly after, live on their own.

is a single product "into" single product "

Take the

store, Li Jianhui repeated pondering, reminiscent of the old Shijiazhuang people eat a special pasta, made of buckwheat noodles, a coarse mellow, chewy texture, delicious soup, the taste has been lingering in the memory of Li Jian hui. Although it is a wonderful feature of pasta, but years of dwelling in the stalls, no one will move into the big.

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