Entrepreneurship five inspiration inspire entrepreneurs forward

why some people are willing to take other people’s bowl, the service of others, for others to work? Some people take their wages, eat their own meals, do their own boss? About entrepreneurship, there is not clear the topic, said do not play things. Recently, a 12 year old pupils in the Internet started his own first venture, earned the first pot of gold in his life. He can explain a lot of problems for us.

12 children aged 9 years old and all the fields and computer indissoluble bound. I sat in front of the computer to do, also chasing dad to ask all kinds of questions: why can the computer used for typing? Is there anything inside the computer and the TV? He continued to find the problem, ask questions, his father did not understand the computer, he encouraged him to find the answer to many problems in the after-school internet. In the course of contacts, the little guy was interested in programming. Through self-study has mastered the preliminary network programming. He did not go out to play in the summer, a person at home to explore the computer system and software, but also repeatedly let the computer into paralysis. Later, he wrote his own system on the Internet and got a lot of friends and recognition, they set up their own studio, specializing in the operation of the software, the sales process. Then, he put his instructions to a network of Vc firm after the recommendation, finally got his first venture funds – business loan of 300 yuan, he rented a server with the money, started his first website. Then in the online recruitment of 11 have a certain technical expertise of the network, some of which are college students. He used the team members to raise shares of more than 2000 yuan in cash as a start-up capital, the studio will be converted into a joint-stock enterprises in accordance with the mode of operation of the studio, the team prepared to sell software. Later founded 4 websites, and served as the site’s CTO (technical director). In just 4 months time, through the sale of software, web site program, plus advertising revenue, a total profit of more than 3 yuan. In this way, a primary school students to start their own business success, became a small boss, leading the struggle of College students.

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