Breeding environmental protection man in the environmental protection industry business opportunitie

In fact,

life, often see some successful entrepreneurial wealth of real life, they also tend to have a characteristic, that is to find, after discovering, often will have some of their own ideas into practice.

18, the reporter came to Yin Mingdong Hermetia illucens farm, I saw a transparent plastic greenhouses are playing fly Hermetia illucens adults, and around the ceiling also covered with like flies like Hermetia illucens, shed the yellow cardboard covered with white small egg mass. We went into the studio really be horrified and that’s Yin Mingdong’s baby. From the studio, Yin Mingdong took us to the larvae breeding room, the ground was covered with garbage, the air filled with a smell, bent down to look, many fleshy white worms, it rolled pecking waste to feed it. Looking at the eastern end of the plastic box, Yin Ming, his hands out of the garbage from the box, put in the nose smell, told us: This is the larvae eat garbage discharge did not smell a bit of organic fertilizer. All the people present were surprised!

Hermetia illucens genus saprophytic water tabanid, capable of feeding livestock manure and garbage,   high output value of animal protein feed. Magic is a kilo of Hermetia illucens every day can eat about 4 kilograms of garbage feed. Hermetia illucens whame, but heavier, long growth period, flies absorb food, juice, and eat junk feed, is worthy of the name "green worm".

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