Strange customs shop will no longer be registered

is probably in order to attract the eye, is perhaps one of the shopkeepers complex, in short, the current market all kinds of strange custom shop a lot, because such ideas, is indeed able to attract consumers, but to the business of how unpopular it would not be easy. Moreover, the government is now strictly controlled, strange customs shop will no longer be registered.

District of Neijiang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered shares of the deputy chief Li Xiaogong said, Neijiang now gradually standardize the name of the store, the business sector and resolutely put an end to the "strange" and "vulgar" name to the city construction cause adverse effects. With homophonic idioms instead of individual words to take the name, as long as it is not harmful to social morality, has little effect on the city construction, the general will be registered.

however, in order not to mislead the child in the future, the registration, the business sector will try to avoid taking this kind of persuasion the owner name. Apply for registration of self-employed mainly with reference to the implementation of "the administration of enterprise name registration procedures", the name of the self-employed for registration provided does not meet the requirements, the registration shall not be approved. If the enterprise is engaged in business activities without authorization, or changes its name without authorization, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce may handle the matter in accordance with the relevant provisions.

from the central city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the name for the management of the enterprise, according to the "Regulations" management of enterprise name registration and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on June 14, 2004 issued tenth orders that "the implementation of administration of enterprise name registration", the name of the enterprise legal person shall apply to the administrative department for Industry and commerce registration and does not have the status of legal person enterprise.

among them, eighth states: enterprise name should be used in accordance with the national standard Chinese characters, shall not use the Chinese phonetic alphabet, Arabia digital. Tenth provisions: in addition to the State Council decided to set up the enterprise, the enterprise name shall not be dubbed "China", "China", "national", "state", "international" and other words. Article forty-first: registered enterprise name, which cause deception or misunderstanding to the public in the use of, or damage the legitimate rights and interests of others, should be identified as inappropriate enterprise names to be corrected.

has been mixed with the name of the shop, with the government’s increasingly stringent regulation, will be better management, so that the relevant market more standardized. In short, although the name of the shop need to be creative, but also need to avoid strange customs, so it will be legalized.

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