How to join a piece of yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice

the rapid development of China’s economy is the cost of the human ecological environment suffered serious damage, which is one of the problems facing economic development. Because of living in such a bad environment, life and health is threatened, China people more fancy in their health, as long as there is what can threaten the health problems that people are not allowed. Diet is an important part of health, diet is essential to people’s lives, so now the transformation of social catering is extremely important.

A piece of painstaking research

braised chicken Steamed Rice in healthy diet, attracts more and more attention not only in the low-end high school people. For college students, entrepreneurs must choose a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice join is a good choice. A? Zhang restaurant group is located in the Central Plains of Zhengzhou, is a well-known international restaurant management company, belonging to a Zhengzhou Enterprise Management Consulting Co. ltd.. Brands are: "a" must "," full treasure hall "(020)" "imperial meters" etc.. We have a strong economic strength and good service reputation, customer first, forge ahead for the business philosophy, with all the entrepreneurial success for the customer service concept. Has now developed into a set of food and beverage development, brand packaging, investment, operating as one of the chain of food and beverage complex. So how do you join


how to join a piece of yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice

Zhang a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice join conditions:

1, a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice franchisee to have certain economic ability, can guarantee the normal operation of the store;

2, the industry has a certain understanding, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can be put into the store management;

3, identity management mode, service concept, technology a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice franchise brand;

4, a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice franchisees have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, good organization and coordination capacity;

5, do not engage in illegal or corrupt social morality activities;

6, a yellow chicken stew can accept a Steamed Rice join Corporation technical guidance and the regulations, and consciously safeguard the brand image;

7, good health, no disease, no bad record.

Zhang, a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice join support:

1, assist site selection, the implementation of the decoration, the introduction of enterprise VI, do a good grasp of the shop

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