Mala shop how to location

Malatang also called Chuanchuan Xiang, which is also called the "small Hot pot". Streets, snack street, snack bar can be seen everywhere. Malatang, Sichuan and Chongqing is the most distinctive, a special snack is the most representative of "Sichuan". Large and small shops, stalls Malatang, throughout the high streets and back lanes is a bright and beautiful scenery, Sichuan and Chongqing city. Now Malatang has been all over the country, streets and lanes everywhere, many investors will encounter a problem in the Mala shop early in the store, which is suitable for


market night market

market market can also be said to be a prosperous area, this part of the crowd more, so it brings great benefits for investors in the market group, open market Mala shop, not only has the extremely good consumer groups, at the same time, this section also lead to consumer self consumption.

Mala shop location

residential community

residential community composition compared to average ordinary guests, spicy snack bar dining area should be large enough to accommodate the consumer table selection and collocation to relatively rich dishes. The residential community Mala shop decoration to express cordial and warm feeling, to meet the needs of adults and children, consumption at lunch and dinner, night and holidays, no clear peak and peak seasons.

School Park

The deduction of

each year only nine months off the ordinary business, Mala shop opened in college, for college, occupation school and junior high school and senior high school. The choice of this consumer groups, usually the consumption level is not high, but the repeated consumption ability, easy food popular trend influence, so to change from time to time innovative dishes.

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