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of our country sea fishing can be said to be a leader Hot pot inside, the market also continued to expand, McDonald’s foreign fame is great, so what is our sea fishing business model, or McDonald’s better, please look at the small as you organize content.

recently, a letter about Sibelius "very good strategy" internal message spread like wildfire, compared to the previous heat transfer "undercover" Haidilao Sibelius, this letter of common internal mail triggered shock ifheavier. Sibelius restaurant founder Mr. Jia Guolong, May 29, 1988 engaged in the catering industry in Inner Mongolia District of Bayannaoer city river. After 25 years of persistence and hard development, from the beginning of a "loess slope snack" developed into now has "Sibelius northwest cuisine (oat Village)" and "Tengger Tara" and "Sibelius seafood exchange", "ninety-nine yurts" four brands, restaurants, stores and nearly 100 home a dining restaurant chain occupation school. Employing more than ten thousand people.

following Sibelius "very good strategy" internal mail text:

A few days ago

in WeChat group and we discuss Xibei village "very good" strategy and business model, then scattered, now sorted out, and we continue to explore.

a, why is "very delicious" strategy?

had to start strategy to speak up, because the strategy emphasizes the victory before battle, so, what strategy can make Xiansheng Sibelius without a fight? Our vision is all over the world of every city, become the customer favorite. This is a greater commitment than our own, how to achieve? Sibelius on the original strategy and business model of the basic game, must change.

some time ago I joined Wang Gang, Meizhou Dongpo Liang Di led the "Dongpo Sichuan delicacy" activities, in Sichuan for five days to go to every place is to search the local restaurant to eat the best. Each restaurant is very expensive and sell fire. These selling expensive, popular restaurants have a common characteristic, is very delicious. This makes me more firmly Sibelius "very good" strategy.

is the most delicious food, good restaurants in order to become the most favorite customers. Customers love you, you will be sought after, Sibelius a hard to find. A hard to find, there is a premium, the market will also ask you to shop, we can open all over the world. This is to win without war!

two, "very delicious" strategy specifically what?

we must re designing business model to support the Sibelius "very good" strategy. I think of a few key points Sibelius new business model:

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