Shanghai cross the size of the Red Pavilion for the transformation of entrepreneurial gas station

now college students all over the campus, especially in the spirit of innovation in Shanghai. Shanghai Jiaotong University specially will be transformed into gas station kiosk business, in order to offer students places of business.

"at the beginning we do not have to worry about the students to sign up." Chen Entao said, surprisingly, there are 33 student teams to sign up to bid for the 4 small red pavilion.

sponsored by Shanghai Jiaotong University School of agriculture and biology student Cheng Zhicai and 3 other students of the campus "green oxygen bar" project, in April last year, first settled in Red Pavilion hit off the project. "I have many students around the dormitory will keep buying plants from the Internet, some businesses selling plants is very expensive, and is not good, so I wanted to be able to directly from the Institute of experimental greenhouses, agricultural demonstration base of Pujiang cooperation or the school to find a better plant for everyone." Cheng Zhicai said.

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