Luo Wei advertising people insist is victory

in fact, there are many people who understand such a truth, do their own thing, adhere to the most important, but in everyday life is often difficult to do. Xiao Bian will now be a real example, so that entrepreneurial success – Luo Weiguang to prove to their own experience to prove to you: adhere to victory!

1986 years, in order to take root in the audit industry, the first two years, Luo Weiguang did not suffer less. At that time, he worked during the day, at night to study, often read to one in the morning, two o’clock. Luo Weiguang, as summer goes and winter comes the sunrise and sunset, in learning, learning in practice, a short time, greatly enhance the professional level of Luo Weiguang. Since then, Luo Weiguang will work hard in the field of audit.

1992 years, with the establishment of the goal of the reform of market economy system, accounting firms and audit firms came into being. In order to adapt to market changes, cadres have been involved in the establishment of the office and related work, Luo Weiguang also ranked among them. Flexible market orientation, the establishment of a new type of income to service, for this reason, Luo Weiguang all day long in all walks of life in the audit work. For many years, not only fought forging Luo Weiguang superb professional skills, but also accumulated rich resources and extensive contacts, it is a valuable asset for Luo Weiguang.

2003 is a crucial year for Luo Weiguang. In this year, Luo Weiguang began his own entrepreneurial process. The early start of the difficult that Luo Weiguang could not imagine, only not see every day, seeing his 500 thousand will put all sorts of things together spent, Luo Weiguang extremely nervous, heart is extremely complex, he had a loss, despair, and sometimes even the whole people are in a trance, but more often, Luo Weiguang still believes that "there will be bread".

derived from this simple optimism, in the critical moment of vital importance ", he led the people actively looking for direction of life"". In order to save office expenses, every day he limited his on time, to develop the habit of turning off lights, and even a report with a few sheets of paper are recorded; on the other hand, the signing of the contract and customers in the total positive for prepaid money as early as possible. In fact, the surface of mild Luo Weiguang, inside with a stop when he never yield in spite of reverses, running in the large and small customers, repeated contact with customers, understand customer needs, enhance self service. With this tenacity, Luo Weiguang walks on

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