Guangzhou nternet hospital came out of a professional nternet hospital

the advent of the Internet in life, for our lives has brought a series of changes, and now not only reflected in the shopping, the Internet still play a role in the treatment of the doctor! Guangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Ren Xuefeng, mayor of Wuzhen after the investigation of the Internet hospital in, proposed the idea of the establishment of Internet hospitals in Guangzhou. 7 months later, the successful completion of the Internet hospital in Guangzhou." January 7th, by the Guangzhou municipal government to promote and guide the Guangzhou Internet hospital officially released. At the same time organized by the trend of high-tech medical academicians Forum (Guangzhou Railway Station) site, Guangzhou vice mayor Liming Guangzhou Internet hospital made a foothold in Guangzhou, serving Guangdong, radiation Southern China expectations.

, vice mayor of Guangzhou City, dawn, the National Health Planning Commission planning professor Cheng Long health development center, Guangdong provincial health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Jiang Xiaodong, leader of Guangdong Province Chinese medicine bureau director Xu Qingfeng government, Liao Wanqing, Chinese Academy of engineering method for summer academician, academician Peng Shuyou and other top European surgical, medical experts and Chinese Medical Journal Editorial Department Chen Xinshi, director of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, honorary president of Lv Yubo more than 300 well-known medical experts attended the launching ceremony.

2015 in September, the office of the Guangdong provincial government issued the "Guangdong province" Internet + action plan (2015-2020) ", a clear requirement to promote the Internet hospital pilot construction, promotion of the application of electronic medical records, electronic prescriptions, promotion of medical resources, medical data sharing network. Guangzhou municipal government is in the country "Internet plus" strategy in Guangdong province and policy background, to promote the completion of the Guangzhou Hospital Internet open platform, was released, it attracted many well-known hospitals and joined a group of top academicians and experts.

Guangzhou Internet hospital is to promote the Chinese dream – the specific practice of health dream." Zhong Chinese Academy of engineering, Guangzhou Hospital Internet on-line congratulations, hope it first-tier cities as the country’s first Internet hospital, through Internet technology to better serve patients, doctors, hospital service service.

According to the Guangzhou

hospital, micro medical Internet contractor chairman and CEO Liao Jieyuan, the Guangzhou Internet hospital is an open Internet platform on the platform of micro medical hospital, 260 thousand experts, 7200 team of experts and academicians led the 10 special disease remote consultation center and Guangzhou Hospital Internet seamless connection. Under the leadership of Guangzhou municipal government, Guangzhou will become the main entrance of the hospital internet people health management, a new platform for innovation of medical institutions, doctors choose new multi site practice, a new starting point for government to promote health poverty alleviation.

in the forum site, Guangzhou Internet service hospital and Southern China largest medical institutions — Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital combination, in-depth cooperation in the construction of medical consultation center, doctors surgery center etc.. Zou Jian, vice president of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital

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