Hu Ge Tan Jiang Shuying lack of play do not protect Jiang Shuying

Hu Ge and Jiang Shuying after breaking up, two things is rarely talked about, recently, propaganda "whirlwind eleven people" in the interview, Hu Ge said he is on Jiang Shuying, lack of play do not protect Jiang shuying!



turned down the beard

"whirlwind eleven" tells the story of a play to win even a schoolboy "moron" high school football team played by Hu Ge in "abjection coach" under the leadership of Muci, the final result and the gradual transformation of harvest growth story. In the past the handsome image shows Hu Ge, in the "eleven people" in the cyclone but has a beard, as a "moron", some subtly malicious football coach. In the view of Hu Ge, Muci as "crazy animal city" fox in Nick, under the unruly appearance hides a heart.

for his beard shape, Hu Ge said, after taking the "Nirvana in Fire" he is about more than a month of rest time, life is not too love to shave his beard simply put up. Wait until the group shot whirlwind eleven people, he found his uncle seems to fit the image of Muci, so he suggested that the director to retain the beard.

although the figures set, Hu Ge in the drama did not play too much drama, but in life he was Shanghai Shenhua fans, witnessed a brilliant era of A Shenhua win the championship. Hu Ge broke the news, was still in junior high school he encounters the Shenhua team behind will be in front of the TV on the spot "method", with the idea of trying to save the game for our team.

The lack of play did not protect

Jiang Shuying emotion

"eleven" in the cyclone, Jiang Shuying as a graduate student after graduation was assigned to teach high school teacher Pei a rookie. She and Hu Ge starred in a lively, funny emotional drama of Muci. When shooting, two drama is quarrelsome lovers, the high-profile couple is off screen. For this relationship, Hu Ge in an interview expressed regret, regret that there must be. At that time because of the excessive attention, I was as a boyfriend is also a lack of some play it, did not take good care of her, really sorry. But now we do not imagine so embarrassing, we often contact. Although not together, but still good friends."

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