Spring action migrant workers return home entrepreneurship training subsidies available to the gover

Shenyang held spring action campaign, to bring entrepreneurs who are a good platform for employment, but also inspire more entrepreneurial passion. During the two sessions for the topic of returning home entrepreneurship is very important, therefore, the implementation of this policy in Shenyang, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship training subsidies available to the government.

"yacon leaves can do lotus tea, prevention and treatment of diabetes and the effect of the ball for yacon can make money, the ball like it has sixty or seventy bud, a bud seedling cultivation can be sold for two dollars, is a good project to build up the family fortunes per acre per year, net profit of four thousand or five thousand yuan."

3 10, in the 2016 Shenyang spring action Publicity Day and Eastern migrant workers special recruitment meeting, from rural entrepreneurship project leader Guo Wei, forward the advice to the migrant workers introduced his yacon planting project.

this year policy more inclusive

    this year’s "spring action" to "build a platform of supply and demand, and promote the transfer of employment" as the theme, compared to the past, this year’s event to have more inclusive policy transfer the employment intention of rural laborers, to provide free public employment service; rural laborers in accordance with the provisions of the home business can obtain business loans and other policies support; job training and entrepreneurship training of rural workers, according to regulations can enjoy training subsidy policy; for the recruitment of useful people demand unit free recruitment information, "labor norms of integrity enterprises" preferred timely employment recommendation service.

free training to employment certificate

Release the

    "we mainly aimed at the recruitment of laid-off workers and rural school-age women, they through our training, you can get the qualification certificate, certificate. Job seekers with employment certificate is free of charge, for migrant workers, the state also has policies, pension or family nursing training are free." Li Qiuying said. Lee from Kangping sister in the husband who came to participate in job fairs, originally wanted to do cleaning she saw Yuesao income so high was put, and the scene to participate in the training of domestic companies reached a preliminary intention.

"spring action" for two weeks

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