Young entrepreneurs often fall into the 4 major errors

young entrepreneurs lack of experience, then young entrepreneurs how to start a business? In the process of entrepreneurship will encounter what errors? It is a small series of young people often meet the four major errors.


blindly optimistic because of the social experience of young people, often blindly optimistic, without adequate psychological preparation. For the frustration and failure in the shop, many shop owners feel very miserable, even depressed depression. We used to shop, see the success of the example, the state of mind is idealistic. In fact, there are more failures behind success. See success, but also to see the failure, this is the real market, the only way to make the young shop owners become more rational.



the lack of market awareness and business management experience, is an important factor affecting the success of young people shop. Although the students have mastered a certain amount of book knowledge, but ultimately lack the necessary practical ability and management experience. In addition, due to the lack of awareness of young people on the market, marketing, it is difficult to be competent for the role of business managers.

4. young people’s market concept is relatively weak.

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