How does a seemingly stupid startup do so successfully

now venture, has become a topic of concern in many people, and many people are in action. Product  Hunt founder Ryan  Hoover published a commentary on the success of startups on the famous website The article believes that the success of the start-up model varies, not rigidly adhere to the previous path. The following is the main content of the article:

Twitter is chaotic. Issued such a question on Twitter in the early Skeptic: "it can solve the problem of what?" even is the founder of Twitter is not good enough to describe it, let alone to see the future.

Twitter founder and CEO Ev , Williams has said: it is not clear what exactly is Twitter. People call it a social network, some people call it micro-blog, but it is difficult to define, because it does not replace anything. For things like Twitter, as time goes on, you will figure out what it is." />

Gummy is a mobile app that lets users create a digital card called "Gummies" that can be passed on to a nearby friend. Gummy uses GPS and Bluetooth technology, only when the user and his friends meet in the real world, it will pass the Gummies.

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