Tune the democratic life will be spicy

held a high quality of democratic life, is an important part of educational practice, the second batch of educational practice units are held wildly beating gongs and drums team feature of democratic life, a lot of rib bone self analysis, a time full of spicy mutual criticism, the light of a team member in thought and spirit and the style of "blind spots", witnessed a baptism of the soul and the party spirit.

as the saying goes, no man is perfect, None is perfect, everyone has such shortcomings, Party members and cadres is no exception. There are shortcomings is not terrible, terrible is not found their shortcomings, a way to go black. How can we pull out the shortcomings and to be corrected, that is to make good use of criticism and self criticism of this weapon, out of spicy flavor. Democratic life is not only to let cadres "spicy noodles" and "hot heart", so as to be more aware of their own problems and shortcomings, only dare poking pain, Li Charles Li to correct, "heart", "action", to enact legislation to change. How to "hot" red, "spicy" sweat, three "key point" can not be less.

"cook" to cook "spicy"". "Leadership" and the guidance of the decision of the democratic life will be the tone, like the democratic life of the chef". Criticism and self-criticism can be spicy, depending on the chef in the cooking process put how much pepper, put the pepper in the end how spicy". "Number one" before it should be under the foot, from the views of the topic will talk link began brewing "spicy" feet "pepper" in criticism and self criticism link to, self-criticism to criticize others, "spicy" "hot", the beginning of the meeting immersed in hot in the atmosphere, to avoid the democratic life into the "self analysis aformality, criticize each other casually perfunctory, shortcomings would change" wrong "".

diners to eat spicy". Cook in the "leaders" Chef "spicy" dinner, if team members as "patrons" dare not take that, fear of "spicy", only drink water, "soup", the superior salute, put on the same level, for their squib flak, muddle along, democratic life will lose significance. "Diner" must have the courage to open the mind is not afraid of spicy courage, have the courage to meet the "hot" and "not afraid of spicy guts, is undeterred by fear not spicy courage, to criticism and self-criticism" hot "atmosphere to a climax. Let each of the team members have a big red, spicy hot sweat, and even a hot tear, really play a role in disease refreshment, drive evil.

big belly to be able to digest spicy". Spicy strong irritant, if not able to fully digest "spicy" and "big belly", which will cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other issues, the effect of self promotion, effect of gay relationships, and even affect the relationship between the party and cadre. Big belly to tolerate spicy". No matter how "spicy" criticism, as long as it is true, true, we must humbly accept, honest mistake, not from;

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