The Party school system of the province, two learn to do study and education theory seminar held

recently, the Party school party, loyal to the line – the provincial Party school system, "two learn to do" theory of learning and education seminar held in the provincial Party school. Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, the provincial Party school system experts and scholars to participate.

comrades ready to participate in the seminar, enthusiastic. We believe that the conference for the promotion of the Party school system "two learn a" learning "education and the name of the party, party loyalty as" the theme of educational practice, give full play to the Party school system plays an important role and position of the furnace.

you said, to learn important speech and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping at work on philosophy and social sciences as the priority among priorities, to further clarify the direction, strengthen responsibility, strengthen project planning, strengthen investigation and research, strengthen the integration of resources, promote the theoretical research work to expand the breadth and depth; to continue to keep "two schools do" and "the name of the party, party loyalty as theme, make further theoretical research and theoretical innovation, has introduced a weighty and valuable theoretical articles and research results; the results of the Theoretical Seminar and" two a "lectures lectures together, in a timely manner to promote the latest achievements in the classroom, improve the quality of teaching and training; to put the" two a "learning" education and the name of the party, party loyalty as "the theme of educational practice combine to reflect the party To identify and effectively solve the problem, the fundamental problems of the development of the Party school, the main problems and outstanding problems, and promote the cause of the Party school to a new level.


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