Xining city for the first time seized a additives sprouts dens

January 23rd, law enforcement officers in the village of West District of Xining city Shen 6 Lane 12, seized an unlicensed unauthorized production of bean sprouts dens, the parties in the production process of bean sprouts in the use of antibacterial agents, hormones and other additives, make bean sprouts grow rapidly in a short period of time, even some bean sprouts 12 centimeters. According to industry and commerce law enforcement officers, the case is the first case in our city.

day, West Branch Trade and Industry Department and even bargain West Main Street and the law enforcement officers in the dens and seized nearly 1500 pounds of bean sprouts products and a large number of soybean and biocontrol agent, hormones and other additives. At the scene, I saw a large number of sprouts were seized, the average length of 10 cm or more, and some even have a length of 12 cm, the diameter of the bean sprouts are also significantly thicker. According to industry and commerce law enforcement officers, bean sprouts should be in a temperature, humidity and stable environment of natural growth, slow growth rate. The bean sprouts in the growth process by adding a hormone, biocontrol agent, not only destroyed the growth cycle of bean sprouts, and if the food is also very harmful to the human body. In view of this, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers have seized the bean sprouts destroyed, and punished the parties. Industrial and commercial law enforcement officials told reporters that the use of additives to produce bean sprouts, they are the first encounter, the case is also the first case in our city. (author: Xu Shunkai)


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