Qinghai industrial growth in September for the first time in Northwest

last year, the province’s above scale industrial growth of 7.5%, higher than the annual target of 0.5 percentage points, the growth rate ranked first in the Northwest for the first time in 9 months.

1 – in November, the main business income of 194 billion 900 million yuan, profit of 5 billion 386 million yuan more than the province’s industrial development trend, showing the main business revenue growth, profit decline narrowed, business gradually improved, played an irreplaceable role in supporting for the province’s economy to achieve a "good start" in 13th Five-Year.


yesterday, in the province of the six meeting of the twelve session of the second NPC press conference, the provincial economic and Information Technology Committee Party Secretary, director Yao Lin on 2016 in our province industrial areas to promote the supply side structural reform overall situation is introduced.


new and old kinetic energy conversion

in-depth implementation of the innovation driven strategy, competitive industries based on padded short board, short board of scientific and technological innovation on the one hand, transform and upgrade traditional industries, on the one hand to foster the development of emerging industries, accelerate the development of the 4 industry of 100 billion yuan, the province’s Industrial Development efforts to build a new engine and new construction support.

hot words: accelerate innovation driven

[emerging industries] has achieved 25 high-tech achievements and patents in the field of high voltage high pressure foil forming process technology, power battery dedicated electrolytic copper foil technology research and industrialization. Developed 15 kinds of technical standards and product standards of high purity and ultra fine alumina for lithium battery separator. Breaking through the key technologies such as "high efficiency polycrystalline silicon battery production", "850V super high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made of foil manufacturing" technology to fill the domestic blank.

[in the field of traditional industry] to achieve the 22 key technical breakthroughs and industrial applications such as "the optimization and application of anode optimization for aluminum electrolysis cell", "the application of ultrasonic low consumption water dyeing technology". "The black Chinese wolfberry processing characteristics and industry research and development" and "comprehensive use of waste recycling of waste acid and 18 technological achievements and patents, electrolytic current efficiency, power consumption per ton aluminium and emission reduction targets to reach the domestic advanced level, energy consumption and emission level of new low iron alloy.

hot words: accelerate the construction of 4 billion yuan industry


] relying on the rapid development of lithium industry in our province lithium resources, and actively introduce lithium industry leading enterprises, to build the industrial chain of lithium. Major projects BYD 10G watt lithium batteries and supporting materials, Huatai Automobile 50 thousand new energy vehicles and lithium battery, battery separator and other North Jie floor started to accelerate our province power battery, battery separator, new energy automotive industry development.


] to develop new materials industry scale "13th Five-Year" new material industry development plan and related policies, the implementation of 3D intelligent printing mould, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, Aluminum Alloy and a number of projects, to further accelerate the development of new materials industry.

[PV manufacturing industrial added chain strong chain] focus on supporting industries, pulling slice, battery module, inverter, frame glass and a number of complementary;

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