A new, different and unusual promotional film of Rovinj

first_imgThe new video is at least different, unusual and certainly attracts attention. It is not offensive, and practically without a musical background, ie in fact a skillfully harmonized musical background that does not dominate, but just a natural sound, cleverly pulls you step by step from frame to frame. But as you watch the video, you are somehow constantly waiting for a “new turn” / frame behind which a strong message is hidden. An excellent example of a promotional video is also the recently released new promo video of Istria. Short, interesting, effective and clear. Number of guests per day 20.08. according to the latest situation in eVisitor, it amounts to 37.500 guests, which is 3% more than last year. This tourist traffic was realized with a total number of accommodation capacities of 38.536 beds, which is 1.150 beds more than last year (+ 3%). Personally, I am a fan of the AIDA marketing model, simple and clear, and which is one of the foundations of modern marketing. ( A attention (attention), I interest (interest), D desire i A action (action))  Great material to be broadcast somewhere in the hotel lobby or at a promotion, but how much it is commercially usable is a question, especially for the duration. As can be seen on the official website of the Rovinj Tourist Board, the mentioned video is the only recent work, and there is no shorter or any other version of it. On the other hand, certainly praise for a different approach and top production. Rovinj is in the period from 01.01. to 21.08. In 2019, it realized 525.000 arrivals and 3.018.000 overnight stays, which is an increase of 1% in arrivals and a decrease of 1% of overnight stays compared to last year’s realization. Thus, the three millionth overnight stay was realized on August 21.08, ie one day later compared to last year. However, the interesting news is that ten days ago a new promotional video of Rovinj saw the light of day. What is clear at the beginning is that this is a different video in every respect. A new, different and unusual promotional film of Rovinj Traditional main emitting markets are compensating for the decline in the number of overnight stays realized in early July, and therefore the German market, which is the first in terms of the number of overnight stays, still cumulatively recorded a minus of 3%, while the Austrian and Italian markets made up for the deficit. realized overnight stays, they point out from the Rovinj Tourist Board. Although the focus is on the phenomenal shots of Rovinj that are breathtaking, I am not sure how, although not a classic mosaic video, without some narrative and story, the full potential of the same was used. I may be wrong, but even though the production is top notch and different, I still needed to set up some narrative and ultimately the story. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)  Thus, the video must provoke attention and a reaction that leads to the research of the destination, and later the purchase, ie booking or arrival at the destination. On the one hand, it is never easier to reach a great reach today, due to social networks, and yet on the other hand it is never harder, because there is a lot of noise in communication, and the audience’s attention is hard to get and it lasts very short. That is why today the real art is to get the much desired attention and virality. Of course, one promotional video is not enough if the whole promotion strategy is not behind it, both offline and online. What is a trend today is to have one main promotional video, and several smaller ones that address a specific target group promoting a particular niche of tourism. The narrative and the story must be in focus, not just the mosaic images of the destination. In fact, it is commendable to have mosaic videos, but certainly not as the only or main promotional video. last_img

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