Mid Autumn Festival, the mayor tourist identity Tourism

September 30th is the first day of the golden week, the Xining Evening News International Auto show scene crowded. 16 or so, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Tong Wang appeared here, accompanied by only two staff. This is a unannounced visits, do not say hello, without the Department staff to the identity of the tourists walking experience.

"here should build some place for tourists to rest."

"to excavate the cultural heritage, rich connotation of scenic spots."…… While walking, stop and go, Wang Yubo has always been a visitor’s identity, trying to figure out the needs of tourists, and how to further explore and improve the scenic spots in the construction and services of Tong Wang. "Where are you from? How do you feel here?" In Kumbum Monastery, Wang Yubo walk all the way, ask all the way to listen to the feelings of tourists, asked the views of tourists.

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