During the college entrance examination in Huangyuan 9 bus free shuttle candidates

During this year’s college entrance examination,

County, Huangyuan bus company will organize 9 buses, free shuttle college entrance examination for students to facilitate travel.

for the college entrance examination this year during the urban public transport security work, candidates to provide a comfortable and convenient public transport environment, Huangyuan Xingchang bus company of the existing line on schedule, the normal operation of the vehicle at the same time, and actively adjust the vehicle running line, June 7th, 8, 9 buses will arrange free shuttle candidates, candidates with a ticket free of charge. According to the person in charge of Huangyuan Xingchang bus company, 9 bus drivers were selected and the condition of excellent technology, strong sense of service, good capacity clean buses, including specific shuttle line Xiang Shi Ya Zhuang Cun Dong Xia, Heping Township, a small village in Gaoling, Dahua Town Village, Shen Xiang Lara in Shanghai village; departure time is 7:30 in the morning, at 5 p.m.. After the end of the day of the exam, candidates can take the original car back. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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