8 Festival highlights the new charm of Datong City

this year, Datong County, relying on the unique natural and cultural resources and colorful folk culture, has been successfully held the first kite ditch "Linhaixueyuan romantic Snow Festival, kite ditch activities, the second characteristics of Linhai through vegetables picking Festival and the sixth azalea Tourism Festival, mountain biking, rock climbing plateau international elite race, fourth classic mountain flowers will, Xining City seventh Games 8 Festival events. Through the careful organized event Festival, fully demonstrates the chase ecological leisure slow travel brand image.

it is understood that in recent years, Datong County cultural tourism integration development as a powerful starting point to adjust the industrial structure, change the mode of economic development, the ecological resources, dig the county bright magnificent historical culture and colorful folk culture, focusing on creating a "kite ditch Snow Festival in the winter tourism brand," classic mountain flowers "folk cultural tourism brand," the characteristics of fruits and vegetables harvest "facilities agricultural tourism brand, the county" xiadou ecological park, leisure slow travel "tourism brand gradually, cultural tourism integration development track.

at the same time, this year by the success of the seventh session of the Xining games, plateau international climbing classic, mountain biking and other high-end sports events, sports cultural tourism, the formation of a good situation, the development of cultural tourism and sports fusion of the three. In the future, the county will be the focus on building cultural and sports area, experience area, ecological recreation area and pastoral area "four areas", to further enlarge and strengthen ecological tourism, promote the third strong industry development, promote the county industries to further upgrade. (author: Shen Lianghua)

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