New York Post to Hudson County: Don’t fire ex-dominatrix cop, considering…

first_img ×The New York Post. The New York Post. HUDSON COUNTY — It’s always shocking when New York newspapers acknowledge that there’s a state a mile west of them, so it’s worth reading today’s editorial in the New York Post in which not only does the editorial board admit that New Jersey exists, but they also have an opinion about it.It took a groundbreaking story involving a former dominatrix, but they’re paying attention.In an opinion piece entitled, “Why the ex-dominatrix cop is no embarrassment to Hudson County,” the editors editorialize — because that’s what editors do — that at her upcoming June 22 hearing, a county sheriff’s officer should be allowed to continue her job even though she appeared in a film as a dominatrix five years ago. As the piece points out, she didn’t do anything illegal, the people involved were consenting adults, and she had to make a little cash during the last years of a now-annuled marriage. She has said that person is not “who I am now.”The editorial goes on to note, “After all, the county in recent years has seen well over a dozen politicians imprisoned for corruption, including past mayors of North Bergen, Union City, Secaucus, Hoboken and Jersey City. Actually, that’s two past mayors each for Hoboken and Jersey City.”Well, you have to go back more than 20 years for some of those mayors, but that is pretty recent history.The editorial continues, “Then there’s the sexting scandal in Bayonne” and goes on to explain the recent matter covered in our local paper.They say, quite accurately, “Seems to us, Hudson County has already weathered far bigger embarrassments than one cop’s exotic past.”We applaud the Post for caring what happens in our county, even if takes ex-dominatrices and corrupt politicians to draw their gaze. But we’d bet the person who wrote the piece knows so much because he lives here, as do most people who can’t afford New York City on journalism wages. So we just want to say, howdy, neighbor! Thanks for being a productive part of the fabric of interstate discourse. The more coverage, the better.last_img

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