Do not let the examinee holiday to the car blocking the road

June 7th, 8 is the college entrance examination day, make way for college entrance examination, less open two crane. During the college entrance examination, I hope you can give the car a holiday, try to choose to walk, bike or public transport and other green way to travel, to make a green channel entrance." College entrance examination approaching, WeChat, micro-blog, QQ are forwarding such a proposal. At the same time, many private car owners have also said that it will be a positive response in the college entrance examination choose to walk, ride a bike and take a bus trip. College entrance examination, for millions of students, is a dream to achieve a major event. But every year, the college entrance examination, will always be heard because the candidates were refused admission incident. In order to open up a Easy Access to the candidates, don’t let them blocking the road, leading to the exam recently, some members of the public issue of the initiative, called for the owners in the two days to put a fake car in the city, try to choose to travel on foot, bicycle or public transport and other green way, make a college entrance examination Easy Access. To see such a love net posts, Liu said: one or two days without driving, our lives will not have an impact, but the future of the children may be of great help." MS Zhang Li says: people who have children, there is always the day of the exam, to give people the convenience but also to their own convenience, I made a post on micro-blog and QQ, there are a lot of people and promised not to drive forward the day." Net friend to see the sun, said, for the college entrance examination to make a green channel to ensure that the test sites of the road unimpeded, escort for the college entrance examination students, so that parents rest assured that candidates feel at ease. In an interview with reporters also heard a lot of good advice, some people suggested: if during the college entrance examination, private car owners drive encountered will be late or hit the car of the candidates, please stop the car, put their safety examination; if the owners must travel by car, please during the college entrance examination, adhere to civilized driving. The road in the vicinity of the examination room and determined not to whistle, not to stay, to create a quiet test environment for the candidates. A loving initiatives and proposals, opened a Easy Access for the college entrance examination students, both parents and schools, volunteers, students for the college entrance examination to lend a helping hand, let them in the college entrance exam smoothly road honors.  

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