Huangchuan international class enrollment plan 60 people this year

The reporter learned from Huangchuan middle school, this year, the school of international class enrollment plan 60 people, composed of outstanding students in the examinee, according to the grade of diversion, part of the students to Harvard, Cambridge and other foreign top universities impact, the other part of the students with the same grade of Huangchuan middle school students simultaneously participate in the national college entrance examination.

Huangchuan middle school head of the International Department of Liu Hengchao told reporters that the learning method of students enrolled in the international class and there is a difference between the ordinary high school. The teaching is carried out in parallel with the domestic and international courses, which is almost entirely in English communication, from the teacher’s lesson preparation, teaching to the students’ learning, asking questions, homework and students’ daily conversation. Students from the beginning of the high school can choose according to their interest in AP courses (pre university courses), advanced to foreign universities in the credits, and ultimately through the SAT (U.S. academic ability assessment test) foreign entrance into foreign universities. At the same time, the international class also attaches great importance to the cultivation of comprehensive ability of students, students from the school to receive the admission period, there are a large number of applications need personally operation, such as SAT, Tofu, AP, to apply for college examination abroad etc.. Through these exercises, help students in the days after the foreign independent learning. (by boat)


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