84 buses to install video surveillance records can be saved for half a month

many people ride the bus, there have been stolen property experience. When they found out, the thief had already got off. Now, the thieves on the bus and have nowhere to hide.

city bus company has been installed in the 84 bus video surveillance, within six months, video surveillance will cover all public transport companies belonging to the bus.

it is reported that, at present, 2 Road, the road of the rear of the 22 models of the bus, have all been installed video surveillance system, other models are being installed in the bus.

it is understood that the city bus company installed 5 monitoring probes on each bus, which are located in the driver’s cab, the front door and the door of the car, these monitoring probes can be taken to all the location of the car. In addition, the bus is also equipped with a video storage device, can be stored within half a month of video data, but also directly from the vehicle access to video data.

video surveillance system will play a positive role in the prevention of theft and other crimes, when the car theft and other criminal acts, the car stored in the video data can provide clues.


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