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first_imgWant to sort out your employees’ work-life balance? We’ve sifted out thesites that will get you started Daycare Trust` is an omnipresent issue when it comes to discussing work-life balanceand the Daycare Childcare charity, which has been campaigning since 1980, is anessential bookmark for HR professionals who want to support employees needingadvice. You can join the trust online. DfEE balance is for everyone says this commendable section of DfEE’s site.It features a good practice guide, case studies, news on the work-life balancemovement and key facts and research. You can also find out more about theEmployer of the Year Awards. Employers for Work-Life Balance alliance of business leaders who believe the introduction of work-lifebalance policies have benefited their organisations are the people behind thisgroup. Find out who they are and what they stand for here. You can alsodownload a work-life balance manual and the site is a good source of casestudies and analysis. Flexibility print publication and website dedicated to flexible ways ofworking. Offers access to reports, studies and surveys on all related topicsand work-life balance is constantly under discussion. Has an active onlineforum as well as an excellent and well-ordered set of links to related sites. Industrial Society Industrial Society is a huge champion of work-life balance and with WillHutton at the helm, these issues have been driven to the fore over the past 18months. Find plenty of stimulating writing and reports on the subject, as wellas latest news. International Workplace Studies Programme http://iwsp.human.cornell.eduAlternative office and integrated workplace strategies are the hot topics onthe influential US university’s programme. Research aims to give companies acompetitive advantage via a better understanding of how innovative workplacestrategies contribute to the effectiveness of an organisation or an individual.New Ways this campaigning organisation’s 21st Century Gold Club and it’ll helppublicise and support your commitment to promoting work-life balance at yourcompany. There’s plenty of advice here and membership entitles you to beinvolved in discussions on best practices, offers discounts on variouspublications and a quarterly newsletter. The organisation also has goodinternational links. Parents at Work”Parenthood and employment are often in conflict,” claims thisexcellent site, adding that such a situation is “counterproductive andmust change”. It has advice for parents and employees and, usefully, youcan download summaries or longer versions of its reports and research. It alsoruns a Best Boss and Employer of the Year Awards Workplace Forum www.workplaceforum.comA global learning and research network which aims to bring together people andknowledge to disseminate advice on best practices in the workplace. Therelationship between the workplace and how business performs is constantlyunder discussion and it holds seminars, online discussions and commissionspapers and reports. Previous Article Next Article Search engineOn 3 Jul 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. last_img

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