Large construction projects depicting magnificent new picture


Central Plaza North expansion five to promote the city lounge to mention

surrounded by blue water park, a fully functional cultural center…… The central square of the future, through the North expansion transformation, will present five major changes, has grown into a set of waterfront parks, cultural exhibition, business office, hotel, commercial and leisure as a whole, the modern city waterfront public activities and the core of public culture in Xining city the most attractive leisure center.

a change: public space double

Central Plaza after the expansion of the north, will be nearly double the size of the existing central plaza. At the same time, it will realize the extension and expansion of public cultural service space and function. Use of open space and ecological corridors to the river landscape, waterfront into the urban core area, to further expand the water system space.

two changes: urban functions improve

Central Plaza to the north, the Yangtze River Road to the angle of the Nanchuan River public cultural facilities are mainly the construction of city square, the green landscape and the public activity center, children’s art center. Yangtze River Road will also be implemented on the eastern side of the two phase of the transformation, and the construction of wells Lane Business District construction projects in Xining and even the modern financial services center in Qinghai.


three-dimensional and convenient traffic network

expansion of the north central square of the comprehensive development and utilization of the central square, the Yangtze River Road and on both sides of the underground space, the construction of underground tunnel and underground parking lot, while open Datong Street and Hing sea, Jiefang Road and the 54 road between the city municipal road, three-dimensional traffic network construction at the entrance of the west area up and down the slope and underground on the ground.

four change: new technology to re build the ancient city wall

The ancient city wall of

, Xining, carries the spirit of Xining and the ancient memory, in order to reproduce the traditional architectural culture of Xining;

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