Xining eight changes

in the Spring Festival, people feel the most is: Gongjusiyong reduced, more and more people to green low-carbon travel; fireworks are reduced, the Spring Festival, Xining’s sky bluer; the public pay New Year’s call gifts unhealthy reduced, the new year become more relaxed; reduce the phenomenon of public funds, away from the masses closer; less waste, we become more thrifty…… Since last year, the Xining municipal government to implement the central spirit of the eight provisions, the provincial government to implement 21 measures, and introduced the 15 requirements, which brought changes to the Spring Festival of the horse eight. Generally reflect the cadres and the masses, not only in the spring festival gifts unhealthy institutions began to purge, between relatives and friends pay New Year’s call gifts also quietly changed, new year, Spring Festival, thrifty green health new year day.
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low carbon travel more

The provisions of the eight

introduced more than a year, positive social atmosphere delicate gas is formed. During the Spring Festival, the reporter visited the Xining surrounding tourist attractions, shopping malls, hotels, highway entrance, found the Spring Festival, Gongjusiyong situation significantly reduced the standard of official vehicles bus before see justice, urban management and other law enforcement departments for private basically disappeared.

it is understood that, on the eve of the National Day in 2013, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice on Further Strengthening the management of the bus during the holidays to strengthen the management of the bus during the holiday made a mandatory requirement. City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau will also be on holidays from time to time for each unit of the bus management conducted a thorough investigation. For orders and prohibitions, units and individuals in violation of discipline against the wind, will be notified within the city, a serious adverse impact on the plot, to pursue the unit leadership responsibility. A staff member of the Municipal Public Security Bureau told reporters that since the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "notice" after the holidays, most buses are sealed suspended, "exception" is on duty vehicles and small emergency official vehicles Beiqin, but the number of "exceptional" vehicle is very small, usually 2 cars to 3 car. Duty vehicles are mainly used to deal with unexpected events, such as the daily unpredictable, need to deal with official duties. How to seal the bus? The staff, during the holidays these vehicles must be stored in places including the parking authority, the unit leaders to work with the commuter car, sealed suspended is not allowed during a parking lot.

in our city, the phenomenon of private bus is gone, but the phenomenon of low-carbon travel up. Reporters saw low-carbon lifestyle is becoming a new trend in Xining. Every citizen is the master of the city, and civilized city needs civilized citizens, low-carbon travel is a concept of environmental protection, but also the performance of social progress. Not compare transport, cycling, hiking, Xining will be able to "visit" the four corners of the world times, both low-carbon environmental protection and exercise, Why not?!" Public Zhang said. (reporter Xiao Fang)

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