Tang Wei served as judge of the FRST Film Festival

Recently, the tenth session of the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival Organizing Committee announced the first batch of the team, they are: film editor, director and producer Liao Qingsong; musician, actor and film soundtrack linqiang; screenwriter Li Qiang; film actor Tang Wei. In addition to Li Qiang served as the Golden Horse Award in the short review last year, the other for the first time as the film festival jury, they will jointly determine the 10 member crystal trophy ownership and other judges.

this jury lineup for the first time, ushered in the two Taiwan film judges. At the same time, the Tang Wei conversion status, for the first time as a film festival judges. Following the confirmation of the first batch of judges, including the president of the jury, including the remaining 3 judges also caused widespread speculation fans.

it is reported that have been released along with the judges, the tenth sign chip FIRST Youth Film Festival has lasted nearly two months, will continue until May 15th this year.

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