Xining City Civil Affairs Bureau to implement seven systems to carry out two activities in the three

Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs "through" theme practice activities focus on the seven system and the implementation of two activities


Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs "through" theme practice activities focus on the seven system and the implementation of two activities. one is the implementation of the first accountability system. civilization, enthusiasm, patience and meticulous work of the masses to receive for each, "is not in my hand, I don’t know, I don’t know, people do not come in the future" and other forms of expression, put an end to the door hard, ugly face, something difficult phenomenon. two is the implementation of public relations system. to achieve the "four links", namely the leading cadres of a grass-roots units, departments and offices to contact a community, grass-roots units to contact a village, Party members linked to a poor households, in order to carry out the grassroots and the masses do practical work and "double promotion activities. three is the implementation of the "three rate" system . That is concerned about the difficulties of the masses into the home rate of 100%, the rate of occurrence of a major disaster rate of 100%, reflecting the absence of the implementation of the case of civil policy cases closed rate reached 100%. four is the implementation of error management system . Around the cadres to strengthen the sense of responsibility, the implementation of zero error, zero error management work. Once there is a problem, the implementation of a correction, two changes, the punishment of three. five is the implementation of service commitment system. Party cadres combined with "chuangxianzhengyou" activities and responsibilities, clear ten commitments, so that administrative law, clean and efficient, responsible, enthusiastic and considerate. six is the implementation of open government system. According to the new revised three program to improve the district policies and regulations, procedures, responsibilities, service commitment, the "sunshine operation", consciously under the supervision of the masses in civil affairs. seven is the implementation of performance rewards and punishments system. to individuals in accordance with the "morality, ability, diligence, performance, low cost," the establishment of the assessment system. Reward and punish the lazy, award superior punishment bad, to create a better way for everyone, all the good atmosphere. eight is to carry out the activities of the two. in the organs to carry out the "capacity building" activities as the starting point, vigorously carry out the "skills, strong quality, image" activities, further innovation management system, improve the working mechanism, the integration of various resources, improve the quality of cadres, improve their work style, solve development problems, improve work efficiency. In the civil affairs system of basic window units to carry out style construction demonstration units to create activities as the starting point to create and foster a fine style of work, administration, service quality, perfect facilities, beautiful environment, people are satisfied with the style construction demonstration unit. Through the above measures, the party members and cadres to establish and adhere to the correct political career outlook, outlook, political outlook, and ensure that the cadres to perform their duties properly impartially with the right to honest government.



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