Xining for the protection of housing planning approval to open a green channel

This year a number of affordable housing construction projects in Xining. Reporters learned from the urban and Rural Planning Bureau, Xining, the construction of affordable housing project planning approval into the green channel, priority audit, priority management. In accordance with the principle of administration according to law, streamline the work flow, shorten the planning and management of all aspects of the examination and approval time, speed up the progress of affordable housing.

this year, according to the municipal government work arrangements, the Urban Planning Bureau of Xining city focus on planning the construction and development ", actively implement various measures to support the construction of affordable housing in Xining city. First of all, in accordance with the principles of urban planning, site selection science, convenient for people to stay, facilitate the implementation of the principle of building affordable housing, public rental housing, low-cost housing planning site selection. Secondly, accelerate the protection of housing, shantytowns. In accordance with the "reasonable layout, complete function, complete and perfect, the satisfaction of the masses", put forward the optimization suggestions for affordable housing planning, guidance and optimization of affordable housing planning and construction from planning layout, architectural design, public service facilities, public transportation organization, community construction, improve housing construction the level of security in Xining city. Third, to take early intervention, active service "for low-income housing projects, through the development of" pre scheme "advance organization planning review, face-to-face planning service guidance, there may be a problem in the influence of the planning approval before filing, to ensure that all types of affordable housing projects smoothly. (author: Xiao Yan)


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